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All seeking All0   
All seeking Men0   
All seeking Women0   
All seeking Couples (man/woman)0   
All seeking Groups0   
All seeking Couples (2 women)0   
All seeking Couples (2 men)0   
All seeking TS/TV/TG0   
Men seeking ...
Men seeking All0   
Men seeking Men0   
Men seeking Women0   
Men seeking Couples (man/woman)0   
Men seeking Groups0   
Men seeking Couples (2 women)0   
Men seeking Couples (2 men)0   
Men seeking TS/TV/TG311   
Women seeking ...
Women seeking All0   
Women seeking Men0   
Women seeking Women0   
Women seeking Couples (man/woman)0   
Women seeking Groups0   
Women seeking Couples (2 women)0   
Women seeking Couples (2 men)0   
Women seeking TS/TV/TG155   
Couples (man/woman) seeking ...
Couples (man/woman) seeking All0   
Couples (man/woman) seeking Men0   
Couples (man/woman) seeking Women0   
Couples (man/woman) seeking Couples (man/woman)0   
Couples (man/woman) seeking Groups0   
Couples (man/woman) seeking Couples (2 women)0   
Couples (man/woman) seeking Couples (2 men)0   
Couples (man/woman) seeking TS/TV/TG0   
Groups seeking ...
Groups seeking All0   
Groups seeking Men34   
Groups seeking Women70   
Groups seeking Couples (man/woman)63   
Groups seeking Groups59   
Groups seeking Couples (2 women)54   
Groups seeking Couples (2 men)24   
Groups seeking TS/TV/TG15   
Couples (2 women) seeking ...
Couples (2 women) seeking All0   
Couples (2 women) seeking Men37   
Couples (2 women) seeking Women70   
Couples (2 women) seeking Couples (man/woman)59   
Couples (2 women) seeking Groups52   
Couples (2 women) seeking Couples (2 women)64   
Couples (2 women) seeking Couples (2 men)26   
Couples (2 women) seeking TS/TV/TG4   
Couples (2 men) seeking ...
Couples (2 men) seeking All0   
Couples (2 men) seeking Men0   
Couples (2 men) seeking Women0   
Couples (2 men) seeking Couples (man/woman)0   
Couples (2 men) seeking Groups0   
Couples (2 men) seeking Couples (2 women)0   
Couples (2 men) seeking Couples (2 men)0   
Couples (2 men) seeking TS/TV/TG6   
TS/TV/TG seeking ...
TS/TV/TG seeking All0   
TS/TV/TG seeking Men0   
TS/TV/TG seeking Women0   
TS/TV/TG seeking Couples (man/woman)0   
TS/TV/TG seeking Groups0   
TS/TV/TG seeking Couples (2 women)0   
TS/TV/TG seeking Couples (2 men)0   
TS/TV/TG seeking TS/TV/TG0   

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